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I will start this blog with a sanskrit verse from the Hindu Epic   ‘Mahabharatha’

‘dharma-kshetre kuru-kshetre
samaveta yuyutsavah
mamakah pandavas chaiva
kim akurvata sanjaya?’

And its English translation which goes like this…  ( courtesy: Wikipedia )

‘Gathered together at Kurukshetra, the field of religious activities, what, O Sanjaya, did my war-inclined sons and those of Pandu do?’

That must be the thought now flashing through the mind of  Comrade E.M.S. Namboothiripad , the founder member of the CP(M) in Kerala , while sun-bathing  in his place of eternal rest…
Poor ‘Namburi’…

His successors recently held  a marathon Politbureau ( PB as they fondly call it) session  and a follow up ‘Central Committee’ ( ‘CC” ) meeting  at the Communist Party’s  ‘ Supreme Court’ at AKG Bhavan  in New Delhi. On the Agenda was a single item…Discussion of  the factionalism plaguing the Party’s Kerala chapter and finding a lasting solution.

At the end of it, the the ‘fact-finding’ , or more aptly in this case  , the  ‘fault-finding’  Comrades in Arms , led by the  General Secretary of the Party , Comrade Prakash Karat , shocked the ‘am admis’ all over  Kerala and other ‘Comrade Paradises’ like West Bengal et. al,  with an  overkill . They targetted their corrective action on Kerala’s ‘sitting’ Chief Minister,  Comrade V.S.Achuthanandan – one of the senior-most ‘read shirts’ in Kerala, who, along with the Sate Secretary and his bete noir Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan , was in the docks before the PB on charges of promoting factionalism !

It was the culmination of a long-standing game of one-upmanship between the two ‘pugilists’… [ see my blog ‘Thozhuthil Kutthu ’ ( Infighting’ ) elsewhere below. ] However , even those who didn’t care much about the Communist Party , per se, felt the shockwave of the ‘Action’ on a Ritcher scale-magnitude of 10 !

This macabre drama had its beginning sometime in end-January 2009, when CBI finally got its act together. After completing  its investigation into the  alleged involvement of the State’s Party Secretary in an ‘encounter of the third kind’ with a Canadian Firm, they prepared a charge-sheet against him.

Overcoming the many huddles thrown into its path by the Party’s ‘blockade artists’,  they finally got the green signal from the Governeor to try Pinarayi for his alleged hanky-panky links with SNC Lavalin of Canada . The allegation was that he was party to the  awarding of a contract  for the refurbishment of some of the State’s power generation equipment, an action which apparently was not on the up and up…

Standing staunchly behind their ‘Comrade General’  the Party  promptly rubbished it as a politically motivated move . However, what brought the melting pot to boil was the determined stand taken by the Chief Minister . He maintained that the
allegation , if at all unjustified, should be proved so in a court of law and not brushed under the AKG Bhavan’s ‘red’ carpet.

A just stand,  wouldn’t you say…?

However, this was an unthinkable breach of the so-called ‘ party decipline’ by a Senior Member.  Dies were cast for the Chief’s ouster then and there and the painful end  came during the last meeting of PB and CC held a few days ago .

The non-conformist  was kicked  out with his tail between the legs , a shattered man.

They simply hanged the Messenger!

And all the time while the ruling party’s member folks were congregating in the Country’s capital planning moves and counter-moves , the State’s administrative machinery  ran like a train without an engine on non-existent rails…crawling  down eventually to a dead stop ! Much needed projects like Smart City, Vizhijam port, Shobha High-Tech City , Cyber City , to name a few , were caught like kayaks in the white waters of uncertainity…( May God save his own country! )

The PB and CC were however not without a drop of the milk of human kindness in their hearts.  A small bread crumb was thrown after the retreating back of the loser . He was allowed to  carry  on as  Chief Minster of the Cabinet…, albeit tightly-fettered. The only rub was , the cabinet would now house a minister under him who will be  of a higher hierarchical order than he himself is in the party.. Somewhat  like having  an Office Assistant who is the MD’s ‘bhanja’!

Imagine ! an allegedly tainted ‘Hawk’ being taken under the wings and protected by the  ‘Party Mother Hen’ in the Appex, ostensibly to shield it from from an aerial attack by  a well-meaning Dove!

The Dove’s only fault was that it said: ‘ I know what you did last summer ’ ( remember the movie? )…

Well done,  Comrades! Bravo! We can  well imagine now what the ensuing governance will turn out to be!

The million dollar question in the ‘am admis’ mind that remains to be answered now is…why did the ‘ Mother Hen ‘ do what it did ?
Wheels within wheels …?  Who knows! 

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