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I am posting a blog after an indecently long time:( The reasons are many but primarily because the ‘kar2ning’ bug bit me , and bit me where it hurts most, and I was admitted to the hospital for “kar2nia”, an incurable decease that needs constant feeding with ‘kar2ns’ in order to keep the patient breathing…
But in between when I surface for a normal breath I can manage to slip in a blog edge-wise and that is exactly what I had done now!
And the provocation ? 27th September was what UN had decided to call World Tourism Day!
So, on with that !

World Tourism Day

The 27th of September, is supposed to be ‘World Tourism Day’…United Nations World Tourism Organisation ( UNWTO ) has been celebrating this day as such since 1980 , I am told…!
The idea apparently is to spread awareness about the role which ‘tourism’ plays within the International community, worldwide!

And tourism is our staple food…here in Kerala!
Except when it backfires…:)
And thereby hangs my tale!

rotten holiday

Kerala is situated on the southwestern coast of India, a country in South Asia. This tropical paradise enjoys a unique topography with Arabian sea, a part of the Indian Ocean on the west and the Western Ghats on the east.
Me, I live here because I am a native, born and brought up here. After nearly 40 years living outside the state I returned in 2000 AD and am here for better or worse..:)

One of the few things this state is blessed with is the scenic beauty which prompted National Geographic blokes to call it ‘Gods Own Country’. We also boast of a long shoreline with serene beaches, hill stations and exotic wildlife, not to mention opportunities for enjoying Ayurvedic health holidays and many more… We further claim in the same breath of having a most advanced society with hundred percent literacy ( though that you have to take with a pinch of salt because it is the official boast:)
Having got all of that off my chest I feel sheepish to append another aspect of life here that sometimes make me hang my head in shame…

During one of the New Year celebrations in Kochi in the recent past the merry making was marred by sexual harrasment of women foreign tourists. Shell shocked and crying the visitors made a hurried departure even before the clock struck 12. Some youth allegedly misbehaved , maybe under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both, with the teenaged daughter of a tourist who had come all the way from Sweden to celebrate the New Year here , it seems!
I doubt whether they will ever make a second visit!

Other similar disgusting tales have been recounted , happening after dark in other parts such as beaches, roadsides et al.. including the worst variety!

Given all that I wonder how we, the guys in kerala , can ever ‘celebrate’ this day!
So much for Tourism…!

Things like this may be happening in advanced societies of the West but when something like that happens at my door step I look embarrassed and furious…
In turn…!


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