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Hi Folks, it is a long time since I have posted last time. But then better late than never:)

So here goes…….

4G Names

In the earlier days names were given to the kids at a naming ceremony, especially by the Hindus in Kerala. And each of those names had a meaning… some were the names of Gods and goddesses, some were the names of seasons ( girls) some from scriptures and some were those of their elders . The telephone directory also came quite handy while hunting for names! 

Whatever, they all had a meaning. Hindus had names like Narayanan, Krishnan, Shivan , Gopalakrishnan etc. Christians chose names like John , Philip ,Thomas , Joseph .. etc…Muslims also chose meaningful names for their kids… 

However , things have changed now! The modern names chosen are a jumble of alphabets, such as Biju, Saiju, cinchu ,bonju, shiju, shinu, tintu,buntu, to name a few …The list is endless as one can make all kinds of sounds and translate them into words! …I was pondering over this and was at a loss to understand how these guys could have pitched upon such atrocious names for their kids! Finally I concluded my research and decided that a possible modus operandi of theirs could be as follows! 

On the day of the naming ceremony I would imagine the entire household and friends ( and maybe some enemies if invited ) gathering in the yet-to -be- named- kid’s home on a fine morning… They would all sit down to wolf down a sumptuous breakfast ( at the expense of the hapless parents ) so that the chosen methodology for selection of names would produce the best results! A name that no one else would have thought of till then is the aim of the exercise…in other words a unique tag ! They then would pray to whatever god(s) they believe in, invoking His blessings and cluster around a round table with grave faces that would normally be sported by husbands whose prayer for a dead wife hadn’t quite struck pay dirt:)…

Next to the table would be kept a basket with pieces of paper carrying the letters of the alphabet of whatever language the name has to be in.. The fans are switched off so that the breeze from above does not produce any embarrassing results!

The eldest or oldest relative , usually an uncle on the mother’s side ,would now dig his right hand into the basket with half-closed eyes chanting some incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo . Surfacing with a bunch of paper slips in hand he would look upwards as though seeking God’s permission and also to ensure that the fans have stopped rotating…He would then throw the slips into the air above the round table with a flourish… As the pieces of paper come tumbling down some will land on the table-top. The balance would decend to decorate the floor below!

When the dust has settled down the slips that are on the table-top are read out, either from left to right or from right to left depending upon the language of the family and…. lo and behold! You have a brand new name for your new born, a unique name!
And to hell with what it means ….or what it doesn’t!

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names for enfente terribles


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