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I have come across many folks who would love to get themselves photographed or video-graphed, with or without some celebrity or other, for a keep-sake pic. Some like to be shot with their spouses ( rather rare ;), some with well-known artists, some with people in power…and some even with their neighbour’s cat, if the animal permits it…But it is not everyday that you stumble upon a woman who has a death-wish-like urge to get herself ‘shot’ in the labour room!

Birth is a very private affair . In the olden days in societies such as the one in which I grew up , not even the husband would be allowed to watch it live ! Why, as a boy I was not allowed to watch even the calving of ‘Shanthi pashu’, our family cow! That was the prerogative of my mother her sister and their cousin. They used to sit around and wait right into the small hours of the night when the process took too long to get completed! Gulping down cups of hot black coffee,with a whif of butter and exchanging gossip about the neighbour’s wife delivering triplets while he was away in the far off Gulf for a full 3 years they would mentally urge ‘Santh Pasu’ to get on with the act while turning the event into a mini social affair!

I have watched on the telly, courtesy Animal Plant, some scenes of wildebeests giving birth to their young on the plains of Serengeti National Park in Africa. To me even that act appeared to be a somewhat messy and disgusting sight! But what happens when one of the homosapiens chooses to get her labour efforts filmed , if not quite choreographed , in the presence of a bunch of outsiders, such as a film crew -consisting of the director , camera men and whoever else that happens to go by- ? I I find no words to describe it…

But that was exactly what happened in Kerala recently when a well-known director of a malayalam film in making chose to shoot a labour sequence live in a hospital , in order to make a scene in his film as close to reality as possible! It was ‘Show time in the Theatre’ ! The ‘famous’ actress involved was getting ready for this ‘famous’ shoot for the last 9 months! She and her obliging hubby had no qualms at all to go through the act in front of the cameras ! I shudder to imagine what would have happened had the director decided to call ‘Cut!” half-way through the ‘process’!

The actress appeared subsequently in the newspapers , cuddling her ‘cheweeti’ baby and accompanied by her leading man in real life , to receive a film award from the Chief Minister! All hale and hearty and none the worse for her ‘Open House Delivery’ 😉 !

The Chief Minister looked quite relieved while handing over the award , now that it was too late for him to be invited to inaugurate the famous delivery act!
‘Oh God, deliver’ us from these deliveries ‘ is my prayer, now !

In these days of Reality Shows, I won’t be surprised if something like this also happens …

shot in the act

Tail Piece: According to a recent news report , the actress , her hubby , the director , perhaps the baby too, and a couple of ‘stand-arounds’ were served legal notice a few days ago for this ‘heinous act of daring’ which, the plaintiff contented, tarnished ‘ womanhood ‘ for good !
See you soon…


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Some ‘Super’-stitions…

Many people, both young and old, still believe strongly in superstitions, though they may feel a little sheepish to admit it openly…

I read somewhere about a superstitious belief which is quite funny! It says that the rear end of a cow is a sacred part of its anatomy worth worshiping because it is believed that some goddess lives around there! Be that as it may, while paying your respect to the above said goddess, you have got to be mighty careful because chances are that you may get the full force of the animal’s fart right in your face which will make you wonder whether after all , cyclone Sandra was a tad more people- friendly:)

Here is another…

Do not embark on a journey , if a cat decides to cross your path when you start out. Don’t ask me why, but cats sometimes do exhibit such a stupid tendency!- And such an encounter is considered to be a bad omen and is believed to bring you guaranteed bad luck! That may well be true because if you walk along the road looking at the cat all the while , a passing car or truck can hit you and dispatch you for good! Also you may trip over the damn animal before getting under the truck and break your neck…So there, so much for that superstition!

Giving or taking anything with your left hand is also considered to be in the same league as the cat-crossing…real bad ! Apparently this superstition-maker has not heard of the fact that there are both right-handed and left-handed folks in this world. According to some reported studies 5 to 30 % of the world’s population ( leaving aside the animals , of course 🙂 are left handed. So if you practice this superstition, then you are going to be a party to rendering 2- 30 % of the world’s guys and girls literally ‘handicapped’, at one go !

A yet another superstition says that twitching of the right eye is a good sign for men ! However, on the flip side , if that involuntary action were to set in while you are strolling past, say, a ladies hostel that ‘sign’ may not turn out to be all that good since the dividing line between ‘twitching’ and ‘winking’ is damnably thin!

Then there is a whole bunch of superstitions linked with lizards. Depending on what part of your body they choose to descend on, it is feared that you can get a variety of bad luck , stretching from simple rashes to pure and simple ‘bucket-kicking’! …I for one know that if a monitor lizard or a commodo dragon ( perhaps distant relatives of the above said lizard) were to fall on you , irrespective of which part of your body it lands on , you won’t be around for long to read this ‘literary piece’ of mine!

One more before I wind up…
Walking under a ladder is a very very bad thing to do ! Not because the ladder ( and the guy who is standing on it, if any) can fall on you and break your bones in an unspecified number of pieces, but because the price you pay in ‘superstious terms’ can take a heavy toll on your fortunes… or so the ‘Superstious ‘ believe !

The moral: you must avoid like plague any tendency to walk under a ladder , even if it means inviting other hazards…

Superstition galore

See you next week sometime!

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How My Homeland was born!
Many theories have been put forward to explain how the various continents, as we know them now, were born through a curious mechanism called ‘Continental Drift’
According to Wikipedia, ‘Continental Drift’ is the movement of the Earth’s continents relative to each other by appearing to drift across the ocean bed. Apparently living together for long time creates boredom, even for the continents 😉
In human parlance it is called “divorce”!

The speculation that continents might have ‘drifted’ was first put forward by Abraham Ortelius in 1596. The concept was independently (and more fully) developed by Alfred Wegener in 1912 !

But when it came to Kerala , my home land , Abraham O. or Alfred W. didn’t know the half of it! . As per the Hindu mythology, Kerala was created by a sage named Parasurama ! Mr.P, having had some spare time on his hands one day chose to throw his axe from GOKARN, near Karwar, Karnataka into the sea. The sea parted in the direction of the axe , so the mythology goes, and a strip of land came up from its depth! Parasurama, assumed to be an avatar of Vishnu was half Kshatriya and Half Bramin. Therefore he was strong as well as a ‘yogi’ or so it is claimed ! ( However, the ‘strong’ part stands contentious by the observations below 😉

birth of kerala

Birth of my Homeland

His ability to create a land from the sea cannot be questioned , though, it is said that when a person reaches the Rajayoga stage he can do much more. Having said that , evidence as observed by skydivers from the sky ( even that pea-brained astronaut doing his space walk) point to a mind-blowing conclusion! They, after a good look at the shape of Kerala from above pronounced: Mr. P. was involved in a car accident that left his axe-throwing right arm in bandages, just before throwing his axe, ! That apparently limited his throwing distance somewhat embarrassingly short , thereby fishing out only a pitiably narrow strip of land, just 590 km long with widths varying between 11 to 121 km!
And Rajayoga be blowed!

And now the land mafia is having a ball usurping every inch of it and selling it for a huge profit. Hereabouts it is called “land grabbing”

Long live our strip of land …as long as the land mafia permits it ! 😦

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Musings of a Mu2nist

When I started this blog, it was conceived as a place where I can go to town with my creative urges in drawing and writing!
( anywhere else I would have been thrown out unceremoniously;)
That was why I gave it the name “Lost Loff- where I post my ‘Komments and Kar2ns’. Unfortunately ‘ over a period of time it got mutated into just a lot of ‘wind’ and a few scrawny kar2ns 😦

The other day I sat back and took stock of this pitiable state of affairs at Lost Loff…the last one posted was a long time ago, in June 2012, to be specific, and I said to myself: This won’t do, son!

I have now decided to start posting my ‘mu2ns’ ( kar2ns without text or minimal text) at a more frequent and regular intervals so that after a visit to my blog people won’t go away muttering: ‘Oh, God! this guy has frozen along with his pen!

I will try to add a few words about the subject of the kar2ns so that the mixure will be a balanced bull-s**t;)
Of course, if you still don’t like it you can go away,
muttering: Oh, God, this is S**T!

i-Pad and after…

Whether you like it or not, this damn gadget has become a much sought-after style statement! You got to have one for no reason other than that the neighbour’s kid has managed to acquire one! A guy I know bought a desktop PC a few years ago, and kept it on his table because a man without a PC in his house stood out like a woman without a husband in toe , in a marriage function! He had not much use for the PC because for one thing he was “highly uneducated’ and equally “compu-illiterate”, albeit , stinking rich ! Secondly he didn’t know how to switch it on and boot it into life ! And asking for help was considered infradig, in this era of “gadgets and gurus”.

Then he heard another gadget called ‘Laptop’ was making waves in the social
circles . So he divorced his ‘desktop” ( it had by this time got thoroughly “rusted” due to non usage, anyway ) and went and bought a laptop. He didn’t have any use for that either and so that too started gathering dust..that is , until he heard that another stunning little gadget called ‘iPad ‘ has hit the market! So he went and bought it too .
Yes you guessed it correct, he soon found out that he didn’t have much use for that too and so he gave it to his son, because the latter complained that all his friends , sons and maybe daughters too, have one !
And what happened next ?

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