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Barcode Day!


It ain’t no Bar code, folks! Can’t recognise it still ?
Not with all that hype created for the 11th November 2011?

Ah…! now it strikes a bell, what?

It is the product of a giant hype created by people who stand to gain a lot by fanning its fire!

Bidding bye to 10.11.11 , I woke up the next morning as usual. I stretched and arched my back like a cat who had drunk none too wisely the previous night and was coming out of slumber with a hang over ..I rubbed my half-open eyes and looked around to see what the new hyped –up day had to offer ..

Nothing… !
Virtually nothing , new or sensational !

It was just like the previous morning, and the one previous to it..and the one previous to …well… you know what I mean !
Only thing different was that it was 11.11.11 and not 10.11.11 ! That was just about it…So why the hype?

Hypes are the stuff of survival for the ‘swift thinking marketing buffs …These ‘swift thinkers’ make the best use of them to fool the gullible – read you and me – into doing things we will never even dream of doing without a bottle of vodka under our respective belts..

Take this one for example…

One art gallery in Kochi , Kerala decided to rope in 11 prominent artists/painters on that fateful day and made them sweat it out to produce a painting each for displaying in a one-day exhibition sometime later…Though I can’t vouch for it, I imagine that to make the ‘Hype’ still ‘hyper’, they all would have been lined up at the starting line , with the starter’s gun going off at 11 o’ clock…“On your marks… Get set… Paint!… Whoof…”

And off they would have gone to paint whatever they painted that day! I don’t think what they produced that day would have been any different from what they had been producing on other days, but then ‘Mr. Hype’ cannot be reasoned with…

As a yet another example of this ‘hype’ , a medium sized bank announced through the newspapers the opening of 111 branches on that fateful day, though for the life of me I can’t understand why they stopped at 111 and not at 111111 …Maybe they are the followers of a “Jr.Hype ”

The news that took the cake , however, was about the iron will of a group of pregnant women in Korea . It seems they all went in for a caesarean operation on the same day – you guessed it right- “11.11.11”. They were keen to download their womb’s content on this day – maybe at 11 hrs.11 mts. and 11 seconds- so that their kids’ registration numbers , given by their government at the time of birth will all start with 111111… and premature deliveries be blowed …!

There are folks who really believe that to be born on this ‘hyped up’ day will bring a lot of good …
And to grab this so-called auspicious date people go to the extent of cutting open their bellies without giving anytime for the poor little embryo to make up its mind whether to be born ‘he’ or ‘she’…

Talking about this mind-blowing fascination for a specific date, I know of a case where at the time of the baby’s naming ceremony, a boy’s intended name was altered to begin with an alphabet belonging to the higher echelons of the word hierarchy in Webster’s dictionary! And you know why? So that later in life, when he is called upon to attend a job interview he will stand a better chance of making it to the interviewer’s cabin before the the latter loses all interest in the proceedings due to repetition!

The fascination for ‘special’ numbers does not stop at that…Prospective buyers jostle each other to bid for what they think is an ‘auspicious number’ for their new motor vehicle registration ! They pay through their small noses unbelieveably large sums of moolah to the registering authority to get such numbers alloted to them . In the process the government gets richer and goes home, laughing all the way!

Film stars, business people and other moneybags are the main bidders in this drama..What is not much appreciated, however , is the fact that with or even without the lucky number , if the vehicle decides to ram itself into an on-coming lorry, it is ‘‘bye-bye ’ time for the driver and its passengers …

Not to be out done in this mad rush for achieving a ‘madder’ objective, shop keepers go to great lengths to entice the public to say ‘yes’ to a sale on this magical date . As if that was not enough even a movie called ‘Immortals 11.11.11’ was released on that day as a crowning glory…

From time immemorial hindus believed that the exact time of birth of a baby can influence its future . But to force the natures hand by ‘scalpeling’ the mother’s stomach at a point in time to suit the parents’ astrological belief is going too far even for today’s fast paced world…

But having said all that , Shawkat Khan of Los Angeles in the US of A, may not continue to be a great believer in this hype any more. The poor guy , after much pondering decided to tie the knot with his prospective bride Farzana Yasmin on 11.11.11 at 11 am…However, after consummating the marriage she walked out on him because he put in his demand for a large sum of dowry… !

Long Live ’11.1.11’,
Long live ’12.12.12’ ,
Long live ’13.13.13’

(Oops!, sorry, you tend to get carried away in this kind of work , y’know! )

And all their ilk! !


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