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Well, folks, it is bye-bye time now… I have ‘moved house’ , albeit in blogging, to a new location. From now on, I will continue to commit mayhem at: http://cheddummasart.blogspot.com/

So do drop in…

The new blogs will go under the name ‘Lost Loff Second Avatar’

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My long wait is over , not because my graphics problem has been solved by those concerned, but because I got fed up waiting for that to happen . ( I hope ‘those ‘those oncerned’ would see this someday 

So, here I am… back with another blog, albeit without a kar2n… I feel like the guy who got caught in the office wearing only the shirt but not the pants  I had written this blog sometime ago and was holding it waiting for a solution of the above problem..Ugh! Forget it!

Now here is My Theory of Relativity

Today I am going to dwell on the matter of ‘relativity’ and Einstein be damned! Mind you , I ain’t a Einstein hater,
period ! It is just that I have another point of view which, had he been alive today, would have given him apoplexy , driving him to go and have a ‘re-peak’ at that theory of his through a better telescope !

Generally , given half a chance, we have a tendency to pass a nasty comment about the extravagance of someone or other, known or unknown ! We go to great lengths to appear to be shocked at how much ‘moolah’ the bugger had ‘blown’ on his daughter’s marriage or on his wife’s birthday or some such thing! Our intense feelings ( read jealousy ) about the matter oozes out through our mouth, eyes, ears and all other unmentionable pores. The person so referred to could be any one from liquor baron Mallayya or the icon of amassed riches, Anil Ambani , or down to the guy next door!

It all depends on where you stand on what I would like to call ‘the moolah ladder’. If you are somewhere on the mid section of the above mentioned contraption, all those who have the misfortune to stand above you are all targets for your vitriol , the degree of which may vary according to the guy’s perch-height.

But what is not remembered often is that when you make that comment and then goes and buys a ‘cheap thing’ ( to you) like a Ford Icon, the guy below you on the ‘ladder’ makes the same comment about you as you did about the guy above you on the ‘ladder’ ! As we move along this ladder the commentator and victim will change but not the comments! Funny, no?

Another example of this is one concerning your perception of happiness. This is controlled by another ladder. I call it ‘ the ladder of feeling good’ . You look at the ‘Bachan son’ and start feeling the same kind of envy, saying what a lucky bugger the brat is to have hooked a stunning beauty like Aiswarya Rai for a wife! You then look at your own and your face starts to resemble mashed potatoes because there cannot be two Aiswarya Rais in the world ! And even if there are, you are unlikely to land the other, whichever what way the dice falls.

But take a look at your neighbour who , in the wake of having inherited a large sum of money as dowry , got saddled with an ugly toad as the icing on the cake! That gives you immense consolation that you didn’t land one like that…And that makes you feel happy! Just a 180 degree turn of the head and depression turns into happiness…. all because of my theory of relativity working overtime!.

It all depends on your relative position in whatever ladder that is in operation at a given time . So the next time you feel the intense colour of ‘blue’ hitting you squarely between the eyes, take a dekko at the guy below you and not the one above!

It works all the time, believe me boyo!

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