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Remember this night last year? The night of 31st December 2009? (  I wrote a blog on it which must be somewhere in this bunch  …)

People  gathered around in Star hotels,   at least those who could afford the moolah…, and  at the stroke of 12 everyone shouted   to the skies   “Happy New Year!” and also to any one else who cared to listen, the chances of that being  pretty slim, of course, since  the   “Ushers” were all  pretty plastered themselves to care   two hoots about it !).
…. After which  they drank another round or two of beer or whatever and went home, assuring themselves that  they have done their job well…
And what happened to that   year that unfolded since then, and which has now gone  behind the curtain of time ?
There were too many  things that went wrong, or shall we  say  didn’t go right ,  despite all that shouting and downed pints….all wasted on a Destiny that was hard of hearing! Whatever will be , will be…

But we won’t learn the lesson.. This night also a bunch of ‘Naives’ will gather around and go through the same hollow ritual  of “ushering in the New Year, as though if they didn’t the earth will stop rotating and the poor New Year will get  stuck in “Trisanku Swargam”.. neither here or there.. We can’t let that happen , can we? So off we go and drink some more of the best of stuff and go through the motions… !

Last Christmas, Gods Own Country downed 44 crore rupees’ ( give or take a few rupees) worth of liqueur to celebrate the birth of Christ…( He  would have turned in his grave had he heard this…)

And if Christmas comes  can New Year be far behind ?…and  its alcolic arithmetic ? Guinness Guys, are you listening? Keep a tab on it , please!

So I wish   all my blog-visitors another About-to-be Maimed and About- to- be  Mangled New Year…a  prosperous , happy and healthy one good enough to usher in the next one…, the same time , next year !

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( the rhyming is accidental, folks!)


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Christmas is around the corner… why,  I can even see the protruding belly of Pa Xmas, Mr. Santa Claus,  just turning around the above mentioned corner! From the heaving of the belly I can also surmise that  poor Santa must be carrying a heavy load , maybe even heavier than last year , what with we in India contributing heavily to the pop-explosion of the world…, ( if not the pollution explosion ,  but the developed conuntries would have none of it,  I am sure! )

Well , the intention of this blog is not a debate on the last mentioned, but just to wish all my readers and visitors a Merry Xmas and a Happier New Year , thereafter…

If you happen to see that old man, ask him not to miss my house, please..He did , last year!

Bye for now! Soon I will be back with regular ‘blah blah’…I have already chosen the topic…

So beware…and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you 😉

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It is there now, out in the open… The “Haves” vs.The “Have-nots”  of the Global Pollution Club…The discussions on ‘Global Warming’ are hotting up along with the ‘Planet Earth’  itself ,  the latter literally ! The only question that remains to be answered is which one will end first…the discussions or our poor planet ?

Copenhagen.. ( sounds like one of those  James Bond Rendezvous points…) 7th December, 2009 … The scene where leaders of some 190-odd countries and their henchman have congregated  to fight it out as to who should stop smoking first  !

Way back some 20 years   when Dr. James Hansen , Head of NASA’s Goddard Institute   for Space Studies in New York had warned about an on-coming climate change arising out of Global warming effects , not many might have taken it seriously or imagined the scale of the disaster looming close ahead. But soon the people responsible for the impending disaster realised the inevitable, caused mainly due to the increasing‘green-house’ effects of their  the ‘handiwork’   ! They sharpened their claws and  started blaming each other for being the culprit …now they are working out how to straight-jacket their opponents in Copenhagen !

They have even worked out an ambitious agenda for that:-

 Emission targets of industrialised countries ( These guys  have already polluted the World to kingdom come on their way to achieving their coveted  ‘developed’ status! )

 Emission cuts of major developing countries (  Yeah, now that Big Brothers have had their fill! )

 Financing of reduced emissions ( Carrots? )

Copenhagen, my foot…

The developed countries like the US, UK, Australia and the Europe who had  farted and spewed CO2 all over the planet during their earlier  industrialisation phases are now reluctant to take any  action  to control their  own ‘carbon foot print’….

The ‘Kyoto Protocol Emission Control  which advised the developed nations to stop polluting for a while to allow the lesser mortals to catch up with their own industrial evolution targets is  junked and consigned to waste paper basket.

With all that, the bullies now want everyone, i.e; ‘developed’ , ‘developing’ and the ‘damned’, to begin from a common ‘starting line’  , all  uniformly and firmly secured with  the fetters of emission control…and the latter’s future be damned !

Copenhagen, my other foot, indeed!

If I were God , I would have stopped every goddamn fossil-fuel guzzler on the busy motorways of the so-called  ‘developed’ countries and put a cork   into their exhaust pipes… every goddamn one of them…

…which I am sure would have got us some  really tangible results unlike these ‘conferences’…!

But mustering that many corks…  Hmmm … even for  a God, that would be  a tall order….

Near at home there was a news paper report about  a group of ‘ fast and furious’ youngsters , having acquired an over-doze of the ‘ Crillon complex’ ,   have   collected 3000  signatures to send to the PM, urging him to go to the Summit…. As if a mere 3000 in a billion plus population would make any earth-shaking ( pun intended ) difference..  !

Instead,  if only they and their peers abroad had stopped using their ‘ vrooming’,  fashionable mo’bikes for good, we would perhaps have reduced our ‘carbon foot print’ by one little toe  …Maybe!

Similarly,   if only our politicians and ministers who are so much used to their  umpteen-car motorcades following them on their jaunts to the airports or  their  constituencies to “serve” the people  had switched over to  a bullock cart routine,   that would have helped us bag  yet another , albeit bigger,  toe from  the foot print!

Be that as it may, India has  now reluctantly joined the UN Summit , and thereby hangs another tale…
( I wonder  whether   as  part of the pack of hounds or the pack of the hares ! )  . The Indian  PM has been  kick-started by ‘Barak Bhai’ to come over after Jairam Ramesh had opened his mouth and put his over-sized foot in it…- maybe because Barak needed a friendly coat-tail to hang on to , having got none from his own Congress…

Copenhagen my ………..alright, alright …leave it.

We can probably expect more  ‘hot winds’ and ‘talk-arounds’ leading to further uncertainties of the World’s already  bleak Future… Dr. Hansen was reported to have ‘willed’ the Summit to fail, being convinced that the whole affair is flawed and is doomed to fail anyway …

And so what about the future of all those poor ‘developing’ and ‘under-developed’ nations’  ?

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