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Sorry for the long absence from the Scene of my Crimes 😉

As a matter of fact , I had been on a holiday in The Gulf for a month and have just   returned from a world devoid of ‘Pinarayis’, ‘Achumammas’, ‘red killers’ , contract killers, pot-holed roads, murders, arson and political machinations et al! But what greeted me a couple of days after coming back from that make-believe world was the nerve-chilling  visuals  of man’s greed and callousness that resulted in the death by drowning of some 45 innocent tourists from Karnataka in God’ very own Thekkady Lake!
I was speechless and furious  at the obvious failings of a set of ineffectual entities in the Government whose lapses in the discharge of their duties had left many an unsuspecting  family in inconsolable grief   !

As usual the news hounds and the media mavericks went to town , vying with each other in  plastering the horrid details of the tragedy  all over the visual and print  media which  was eagerly lapped up by the sensation  seekers. Imagine , however,  the mental agonies that the families of the victims would have suffered  by viewing the repeated airing of the same horrifying clips of the shocking details, time and again, channel by channel !
This nauseating drill is something that is enacted  every time a tragedy of a mega scale strikes anywhere in our country !

Next came the witch hunting, the the blame games and the setting up of high level probes to go into the causes and lapses,  closely followed by the announcements of  the usual largess distribution  …
Where were these government blokes holed up and sleeping when reports after reports of safety breaches in the boating circles were trickling in ? And what was surprising, these water-killers ( as against the road killers personified by our transport buses ) all belonged  to none other than the State Government’s own Tourism Department and were plying in the water ways and lakes of the State with abandon – virtual time bombs waiting to go off anytime !

What took the cake was the news that some 12 ticket-less passengers – probably over and above the safe limit- were allowed to  board the already bursting boat , in all probability after money changed hands.    Many such boats and their operators even now ply on the lakes and back waters   during  the tourist season , year after year, tragedy after tragedy and get away with it !

The top-heavy  with ‘unscientific overloading’- yes I am using that term deliberately- ,   no wireless communication systems worth the name  installed on board, no properly trained boat operating staff, no safety measures  on board and to top it all , an ill-equipped administrative  machinery with poor disaster management capability on the shores  – all were the right  ingredients for a gawd-awful disaster  that  we saw in the Thekkady lake last week.
The State Administration just wants to reap the tourist  ‘chaakara’ with no thoughts for the visitors’ safety or life.
Money-making seems to be the name of the game! But do they realise  how much blood there is on their hands?

Imagine a poorly designed , overloaded,  top heavy, vessel plying in  deep  waters without a single life jacket on board …!

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