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Switch on your TV set and hit any channel button on the ‘remote’ at random. Chances are that you will stumble across  a so-called ‘Reality Show’ in progress…In fact to watch a real good TV program  it will take some determined channel-navigation !

These  ‘Reality Shows’ are the bane of the idiot box watchers these days. It all started getting noticed with Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody  ( may her soul rest in peace! ) taking part in one of the Big Brother programmes in the UK called ‘ Celebrity Big Brother’  ( whatever that may mean 😉 The two went at each others throats with princely abandon while the idiot watchers lapped it all up! Theafter there was no looking back for Shetty or  such  programme promoters. We now have shows of all kind –  music, dancing, comedy, Kids’ Shows, Mothers’ shows…you name it, they have it…

Some of the  standard fitments for these ‘shows’ include a woman ‘presenter’, if possible with a male voice and an over-worked stage presence, a bench-full of crying, crooning and criticising  ‘judges’, the much-feared ‘Elimination Rounds’ that bring down the house with groans and tears,   a densely  populated audience gallery with some looking bored, some looking elated ( when their wards get a pat on the back ), and some looking downright crest-fallen ( you guessed the cause right;-).

In the early days of this manipulative gimicry,   an e-mail was doing the rounds on the internet , purported to be  the ‘out-pourings ’ of a much-wronged soul  who got kicked out of one such contest because he chose to stand his ground. But this was rubbished  by some of those involved as the frustrations of a ‘sour-grapes’  artist. However, very recently a prominent ladies’ magazine printed an explosive article with some mind-boggling exposes about these TV shows . That was a real eye-opener me, and I am sure ,  for many of the ardent fans and followers of these programmes…

The participants are apparently under heavy pressure to perform all the time  because  the rewards in many cases are unbelievably stupendous. Manipulations for selections are said to be galore through ‘SMS’-fiddling. The channels and the mobile service providers , who walk back laughing all the way with overflowing kitties, are alleged to be the brains behind these shows – their sole idea is to make a fast buck. Even  strong-arm tactics are rumoured to have been employed to contain the participants and their parents if they step out of line and question the SMS results, says the author.

Handsomely  paid judges more often than not seem to have little say in the selection process . Their main job seems to be crticising the performers and making them squirm. The trauma some of these participants undergo  must be horrendous!  The judges,  it is rumoured, are themselves , under the microscope  and often are packed off if their ‘performance’  is not up to the Channel’s liking !

And now comes  a new incarnation of this ‘Brutality Show’! Reported in one of the newspapers recently  it takes the cake. It was christened ‘Street Light Reality Show’ and the participants were not from the cream of the society, but street singers from  various locales . They had performed before a  distinguished audience eying the same kind of ‘carrots’ that are being  offered to their more affluent fellow-contestants in the regular shows …

Well, let us admit it, we are in for it…willy nilly…and I won’t be surprised if one of these days I come across  a show like this   on the telly…

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